4 Expert Tips to Achieve Great Deliverability

Thursday, March 12 @ 1 pm ET

When customers don't receive their loyalty program emails, order notifications, and other email campaigns, you miss out on a valuable opportunity to capture more revenue and build brand loyalty. Join this webinar to find out how you can drive more email conversions by making sure your emails land in the inbox.

We’ve partnered with Mailgun to share the top email best practices and how these guidelines can ensure better engagement and deliverability for your marketing campaigns.

Join us and Kate Nowrouzi, Vice President of Email Deliverability & Product Strategy at Mailgun for this webinar and learn:

  • How to boost deliverability and improve your chances at getting opens and clicks
  • Which common pitfalls will lead you to the spam folder
  • Other tools you can utilize to achieve better inbox placement

Ensuring that your loyalty and engagement campaigns land in the inbox is critical for ROI. Join us to see how email best practices can benefit your customer loyalty programs and transactional email.


Kate Nowrouzi is the Vice President of Email Deliverability & Product Strategy at Mailgun. She oversees deliverability efforts internally and externally across all Mailgun cloud customers and helps them achieve a high inbox rate through following email marketing best practices. With over 20 years of experience in messaging space, Kate worked both at the ESPs and ISPs in the past. Prior to joining Mailgun, she was a senior vice president at Message Systems/ Sparkpost for 9 years. A recognized authority on email deliverability and anti-spam practices, she worked at AOL anti-spam operation team and UUNET/ Verizon as a network operation engineer. Kate continues to be an active voice in the worldwide messaging community by speaking at conferences, hosting round tables and publishing blog posts. She is an advocate for STEM and Women in Tech.

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